Workers compensation

With over 40 years experience providing expert advice, and strategic guidance on workplace risk, we have a proven track record of delivering measurable performance improvement and cost savings on workers compensation insurance.

Our working relationships are fee for service based and can provide you with the following benefits:

Check Icon Reviewing your Work cover industry classification.
Check Icon Compliance with legislation.
Check Icon Assisting your understanding of current and future premiums.
Check Icon Assessing and managing your risks.
Check Icon Providing claims management.
Check Icon Providing return to work plans for your employees.
Check Icon Providing advice about OH&S compliance and injury management.
Check Icon Providing strategic planning for implementing and measuring change.
Check Icon Providing alternative risk control strategies.
Check Icon Assisting you achieve sustained performance improvement.

Make sure you have adequate cover

At Nadic, we understand that every client is unique; our brokers listen to our clients to understand what’s important before tailoring a best-fit workers compensation package. With our industry experience, access to leading insurers, and risk management and negotiation skills, we can take care of your risks for you, from reviewing and identifying your exposures, to quoting and claims management.

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