Professional indemnity insurance for stockbroking professionals

Stockbrokers require a robust and agile professional indemnity product to support them in navigating the daily tumult of the marketplace, interpreting longer term opportunities, and advising clients on financial risks and rewards.Arm yourself with the knowledge you’re protected against an alleged negligence, error or omission
Nadic has access to professional indemnity cover specifically written to address the risk exposures inherent in operating in capital markets. As a leading insurance broker for the financial industry, we can help your brokerage improve performance and instill confidence by identifying and managing your exposures, such as:

  • Breach of client investment agreement
  • Mismanagement of funds resulting in underperformance
  • Breach of disclosure rules
  • Failure to disclose conflicts of interest
  • Failure to execute client orders timely or accurately
  • Agents acting outside of their authority
  • Misleading or deceptive research reports, and
  • Unit pricing errors.

Risk management services that support stockbrokers
Adequate cover is necessary for a firm’s financial integrity and investor protection within the highly dynamic securities industry. We can provide risk management services that cover a brokerage’s exposures beyond professional risks, including:

  • Duties of directors; covered with directors and officers liability,
  • Liabilities arising as an employer; covered with employment practices liability, and
  • Losses arising from third party and employee fraud.

Make sure you have adequate cover
At Nadic, we understand that every client is unique; our brokers listen to our clients to understand what’s important before tailoring a best-fit risk management and insurance plan.

We deliver results for our stock broking clients by personally-brokering each insurance contract with several specialist insurers, all of whom have in-house legal claims management expertise. Nadic is dedicated to providing easy-to-understand and streamlined premium options for the securities industry. If you would like more information, please contact us.

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