Dallas James, Chief Executive Officer

Dallas is the CEO and founder at Nadic. Dallas started Nadic in 1966 as a pioneering company offering clients every advantage in the insurance market place. Through a strong client service ethic and solid relationships with underwriters, Nadic has grown considerably in size and operation. A lot has changed in the 40 years since, but the principles of insurance and the way we do business are still very much the same. Through Dallas’ leadership we hold onto our traditional values, but are equally committed to progress and innovation, remaining at the forefront of marketing and technology.


Mitchell James, Director and Sydney Office Manager

Mitchell James is the director of Nadic, responsible for providing insurance services to the firm’s strategic clients in Sydney and managing relationships with leading Australian underwriters.
Mitchell re-joined Nadic following a period of underwriting for an international agency across the United Kingdom, Asia Pacific and Americas.
He holds a Bachelor of Finance from the University of Newcastle.